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Article provided by: Hebron Brick Supply

Thin Brick Supply

Thin Brick Supply

When you are designing a wall, one consideration is the use of thin brick. Thin brick is also known as brick veneer or masonry veneer. It can be applied to the exterior or interior of your home to give it the appearance of regular bricks. You can find it in a variety of colors through a thin brick supply company. There are some advantages to choosing thin brick over traditional brick for your installation.

Advantages of Thin Brick

Thin brick is lightweight so it can be applied to walls and surfaces without difficulty. Generally, thin brick is made of lightweight masonry or clay which simulates the look of traditional bricks but with a lower cost. Thin bricks are much more affordable than standard brick installations.

Thin brick can be used on many different surfaces but is most commonly used on walls. It will give the look of brick without the expense. You can use it in places where you would not be able to utilize traditional brick, such as on a kitchen backsplash or behind the stove. Thin brick supply companies may provide it in sheets or it may also be cut into singular bricks for placement.

Some types of thin bricks can be used for patio installations. They are thinner than standard bricks so they require less excavation, making installation much easier and less time consuming. They are available in a variety of different colors so you can create patterns and designs that you prefer.  

Thin brick supply companies provide thin bricks that are ideal for creating a rustic or country style wall. Because they are thin they do not weigh a lot and can be installed on interior walls. While they are available from home hardware stores, thin brick installation is best left to the professionals.

Tips for Using Thin Bricks

Thin bricks are best for indoor uses such as on walls and other projects. If you want to use them outdoors it is best if the area is completely flat. This will ensure that the bricks don’t shift or break over time. Choose high quality materials from a leading thin brick supply company.

You can get some guidance and assistance from the thin brick supply company. They are experts and have the knowledge and experience to help you with your choice. Work with a design specialist who will give you some choices for the best materials to use for your particular project.

Consider the color choice for your thin bricks. You can find some ideas online or through the brick supplier. You will want to opt for a color that best fits the look of your home and the appearance that you are trying to achieve. Once you have chosen your options you can obtain a quote for materials for the project. Soon your project will be completed and you will be able to enjoy a beautiful brick wall or other project in or around your home. Contact Hebron Brick Supply to learn more about thin brick options.  


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